Advancor Database Compare

Compare schema and data in two databases and get them in sync fast. Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2016.


The advanced load engine quickly loads and caches your database schema locally. Next time, you will be up and running in seconds even if you are working over a slow network or with a large database with thousands of tables.


The compare engine is enterprise ready and scale to thousands of tables and tens of thousands of code objects such as procedures without breaking a sweat. The load and compare engine keeps track of your schema as changes are made in near-realtime.


Generate beautiful SQL scripts that run every time and are easy to understand and review. Quickly extend by adding your own custom data migration and transformation code. Test, rollback and deploy with a single click.

Get started and switch databases quickly

Generate a migration script, test with one click, add your own code

Generate data change script, combine with your schema change script

Explore and view differences, updated in near real time

Compare data, choose keys, add your own custom filter

Pricing and ordering

1 year of updates included! Use forever!

We offer a simple licensing model:

  • Updates for a year: Order a licence today and you get 1 year of free updates including major versions.
  • Use forever: You are free to use the software after your license has expired! You cannot install updates released after your license has expired but you are always free to install versions released during your licensed period.

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30 day, fully functional trial

We recommend you to try Advancor Database compare for free in 30 days. Download your copy today and start your evaluation.

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For one user, fully-featured, with updates included for one year


10 user pack
799 $

For 10 users in one company, with updates included for one year


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