Introducting data compare

We have released a new version of Advancor Database compare which include data compare and many small improvements and bug fixes.

Data compare

The new data compare feature allow you to compare data in tables quickly and generate change scripts to get them in sync.

  • Switch to the new Data tab.
  • In the new Data Explorer pane to the left, select a table to compare
  • On the Right, you will now see a table showing the data differences in the selected table:

  • Click the Configure… button to configure how the table and which columns should be compared. You can also provide a filter query to skip rows you want to ignore.

  • Select one or several rows (use Ctrl + A to select all) and click Script… to generate a SQL script.

Various bug fixes and improvements

We have fixed issues that has been discovered by our users and in our own testing efforts. Thank you for your time and suggestions! We added a few options that control scripting and compare:

  • You can now ignore collation when comparing and scripting schema, which is useful if you deploy databases in different regions and want to ignore collation differences
  • By default, we now wrap change scripts with begin transaction and rollback handling. In combination with script error checks, you can now run scripts directly with error and rollback handling, without any special tool.


Posted by Fredrik Magnusson

Founder and Developer at Advancor

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