New orders no longer accepted

We are unfortunately unable to accept new orders for licenses at this time or in the coming months. 

Please do not start a new evaluation since you will not be able to acquire a permanent license and therefor use our software after your trial has expired. 


Thank you for downloading Advancor Database Compare!

Version Description
Stable Recommended, updates automatically DOWNLOAD
Beta Latest experimental version DOWNLOAD BETA
Windows Store Updated less frequently WINDOWS STORE

You can also download a previous version. Switching back from Beta? Just download and install the Stable version.

  • When you install the software you need to accept the End User License Agreement.
  • Your Privacy is important and we take it seriously, please review our Privacy Policy.
  • If you are running Windows 10 you are all set to go, otherwise please install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 from

Getting started

First time user? Please check out our getting started guide.

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